faking, faked
1. to cause something not genuine to appear real or more valuable by fraud
2. to pretend to have (an illness, emotion, etc.)
Heather is a fake
by humdi1 March 31, 2009
Someone who acts like they're friends with you in front of your face, but then you hear rumors they've talking bad about you behind your back.
so like, Jennifer like said Becky likes Jessica, OMG she is so fake.
by JohnSingleton December 29, 2008
1. Unreal or preposterous

2. A person who performs actions only to create an image.(Aka. a phony)

3. Can be applied to an action that seems false or forced.(ie. sugary "I love you" when two people cannot stand eachother)
1. That man did not fly to mars. That has to be fake.
2. She is a fake. She is just trying to be popular.
3. "Did you see how all the people in drama club hug eachother. Weren't they just fighting. That is so fake."
by Thouwhobangsthyheadonthewall August 09, 2011
A person that does not have a ounce of realness in there body. A fake person usually calls other people 'fake' although that is not true.
Tony: "Hey man, why are you so fake all the time?"
Eric: "I'm not the fake one man, I'm real. I am too real, I don't even know how to spell fake."

Tony is the 'fake.'
by British Logger April 11, 2011
Breast implants. Shortening of 'fake breasts' / 'fake tits', etc.
Did you catch a glimpse of Melanie's new breasts? Who does she think she's kidding with those fakes?
by Ucrylic May 22, 2010
n. a fake I.D. often and only appropriately used by underage people who wish to obtain and/or consume alcohol from a responsible vendor. fakes can be either illegally (and often crudely) manufactured or passed on from someone of age to some one who looks alike (i. e. has the same color hair).
guy 1: hey little bro, are you coming out to the bar tonight?
little bro: no dice big bro, i don't have a fake.

by madu August 19, 2006
Lindsay Lohan: Geez Paris is so fake
Nicky Hilton: takin a look at yourself lately?
Paris Hilton: guys stop fighting over me im not fake im plastic

Lindsay Lohan: =='
by Hatesparis June 16, 2009

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