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A girl who tends to date younger men...i mean boys..
a cougar but not hot...definatly not hot
random 1: why do u have a car seat in your car?
random 2: its for my boyfriend
Random 1: oh...your such a fake
by Hlobo Sasnal June 07, 2010
A word that generic, bitchy, teenage girls use to describe the same generic, bitchy, teenage girl that they hate on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Generic teenager: OMG she is SOOOOO fake!!!!! I hate her guts!!!!
by slutsnbublebutts January 08, 2012
Someone who doesn't be themselves around anyone. They try to hard to be liked and relate to you. You can tell they are fake because it seems like EVERYTHING they do is about trying to be liked.
(picture the people making those faces and things in brackets are thoughts)

Person 1: i am so bad at science i know i failed that test... :(

Fake Person: same here i failed it too! :D (oh wait!) D:

Person 1: mmhmm

*Get the test back*

Person 1: Yup i failed it. -.-

Fake Person: omg I did too! :) (oh crap) :(

*Person 1 looks over at fake person's test when they looked away for a second and it says 80%*

Person 1: mmhmm...
by Definition Expert July 20, 2011
its a very known egypt word .......that means ( fuck it ) or ( wat ever) and it is used pretty much there .....that it started being a pain in the ass word
a: are u going to the lecture?
b: fakes
by vodca333 December 13, 2009
faking, faked
1. to cause something not genuine to appear real or more valuable by fraud
2. to pretend to have (an illness, emotion, etc.)
Heather is a fake
by humdi1 March 31, 2009
a person that has no feelings. someone who if you tell them you love them it means nothing to them. also they are the most neglecting people on earth.

a fake person would mimic emotion even at your death bed.

a fake person loves you no more than they love there favorite tv show.

the movie the matrix was based on fake people living in our world.
real person: I will always love you
fake person: in one ear and out the other.
real person: why don't you care about me?
by epicmann July 09, 2011
Saying you like something, just to be cool, even thought you have no idea what your talking about.
Robert: Dude i'm going to Ultra music festival for spring break i'm so pumped!!
Andrew: Dude I wish i could go.
Fake guy: lololololol Dude i love the dubsteps and the Ultras festival.
Andrew: stfu
by thatsfake March 21, 2011