Someone who makes fun of someone for somethin important and thinks theyre cool but when someone big's around then theyre scared
Fake Girl: Shut up white boy you think ur cool but u aint!

Big Black Guy: whatchu say to him?

Fake Girl: Nothin (Scared)
by big nigga d February 08, 2010
Fakes People that pretend that they are so-called "down" with the street life, but can be inexperienced and have broken only minor laws. There are many "fakes" in each race. Most of the "real ones" are currently so deep in the game they can't get out (money too easy and power too addicting) and will soon be either dead or in jail, or if they are lucky then they only end up in a hospital. Other "real ones" will turn their life around for the positive after experiencing the above and they are still lucky enough, free, and alive to tell about it.
Person 1: Look at that guy acting all hard and fronting.
Person 2: Probably one of the fakes. People trying to make good money try not to draw as much attention to themselves since they are already paranoid about the cops and people that might rob them.

Person 1: (I know, huh, he's trying too hard, LAUGHS)
by Digital21 January 06, 2010
The new real.
That girl with the straight hair and ten pounds of make up is fake.
by sickofthelies June 14, 2011
A word that generic, bitchy, teenage girls use to describe the same generic, bitchy, teenage girl that they hate on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Generic teenager: OMG she is SOOOOO fake!!!!! I hate her guts!!!!
by slutsnbublebutts January 08, 2012
Though also applied to bitches who bail out going to the movies one night. A faker is also applied to those on the internet who commit the act of Identity Theft.
Usually scene kids and emo kids are hit as they are the "in" thing (or obscenely hot whores or traps such as Izzy Hilton), the faker assumes their identity, claiming internet boyfriends/girlfriends. Compliments. Also creating enemies for the victim of the theft. Fakes are able to obtain n00ds from various people by using this method and/or crushing people and their trust/making a complete fool out of them. Fame can also be obtained by using this method.
Boy 1: Woah this chick is damn fine!
Boy 2: Yeah there's around 120 different profiles using the same photo too
Boy 1: Damn fakes..
by sammichesupindishoe April 11, 2010
1. To conceal the defects of or make appear more attractive, interesting, valuable, etc., usually in order to deceive.

2. A wannabe, or poser.
That kid is so fake, just like David Colin.
by S. Randal July 04, 2009
acting like something that ur not

acting a differnt infront of people
billy: l hate yu

audenice: ohhh


next day

billy calls johnny the next day: hey yu wanna hang out

johnny:wow ur fake
by bbbbjjffhh March 16, 2008

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