Someone who spends all there time, and everyone else's pretending to be something way better than what they truly are.

Constantly annoying.
Two Words: Miley Cyrus.
by Phychic Master June 16, 2008
One who takes innumerable amounts of pictures of oneself (see: picture whore) in an attempt to appear naturally photogenic, and be able to conceal one's true mood or feelings towards another individual or clique.
Tom: Man, that Courtney girl is totally into the same shit as me, and she's smokin too!
Roy: Ah dude, forget about it, she's fake.
Tom: Oh. Damn.
by lmaobourghini June 06, 2006
a person that ISNT REAL
they fake who they are and not all the time but sometimes stab you in the fikken back. its what alot of people cant stand. THEY ARE USUALLY LIARS everyone deals through them during their life
person 1: i cant stand fakes
faker: i know they are so contarded (plasticly)

mom: how was everything?
faker: i told you to shut up! (MEAN)
by iiZZY BiiZZY BELLY April 01, 2007
A slang word used in egypt replacable by "fuck it" sometimes. Mainly used to say that something will be ignored.

Not pronounced like fakes the plural of fake.
Rather pronounced faa-kess.
Person 1: Weren't you going out with Kareem?
Person 2: FAKES
by Morcos Tadros! April 13, 2007
a person who tries to act cool but never realizes how foolish they're acting. they may think everyone likes them, but don't know that every one of her "friends" are talking shit about her behind that persons back and are using them for their money or car then tells them way later that no one likes them to make them feel like fucken shit.

by the way, you fuckers who wait till the last fucken minute to tell them no one likes them are even worse.
"omg that girls such a fake, maybe if she stopped trying to be cool ppl WOULD be cool with her"
by jycottonmouth April 23, 2007
A person who tries to act like something they're not. A poser or a fraud.
"Oh my god, that scene girl is so hottt."

"Dude, she's fake."
by sheispatheticx November 12, 2006
A person who pretends to like/listen to others as long as they can get something from them. Does nothing for anyone. When called on for doing something fake, can play innocent and act like the victim.
Person 1 "Your so fake, when is the last time you did anything for anybody but yourself?"
Fakey "I'm sorry, I thought we were friends." alternatively "Here's five bucks."
by Joe Malarney March 23, 2006
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