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one who dresses or acts like a whore, but can not, in fact, get any.
Ashlee Simpson is such a fake whore.
by artaficionado June 25, 2008
A girl who talks like whe will, texts like she will, and most importantly flirts like she will. But in the end, does not do what a man hopes she will.
Susan: Are you going to the party tomorrow?
Bob: Sure, you?
Susan: Yes, and you better be there becuase I'm going to make you feel so good. ;)
Bob: Really?
Susan: YES.

At the party the next day:

Bob goes to grind and possibly make out or more with Susan. In return for putting himself out there he gets a slap to the face.

Susan: WTF are you doing perv?!
Bob: Yesterday you...
Susan: EW! Boys are disgusting.
Bob: But yesterday you said....
Susan: What would ever make you think I'd want that?

Susan once again slaps Bob and walks away.

Bob: What a fake whore.
by walnut41 December 07, 2010
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