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1. any one who desperately wants to be hard, but for whatever reason does not fit the bill

2. an idiot

3. someone who claims to be hardcore, a gangster, or a street dweller, but really isn't.

4. a rapper who capitalizes off of the gangster or hardcore image, but no longer lives like that in real life.
Clarence acts like a thug when he's with us, but when the real thugs come around he's all scared to stand up for himself.

Timmy lives in an affluent suburb, drives a Hummer that his parents paid for, and will go to college without any financial worries at all. Why is he bumping 50 cent, talking all hard, and trying to start fights? Simple, because he is a fake thug.

#immature #ignorant #get a job #grow up #idiot #punk
by Douglas Teel October 19, 2007
one who pretends to be a real thug; west new york teenagers are a great example.

someone who believes that they are extremely tough for no apparent reason, and tend to wear very unattractive sneakers.
"he's a fake thug because he needs 40 of his friends to beat up one person"
#60th street #fake thug #west new york #54th street #hudson county
by dariel cruz October 27, 2007
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