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1) to pretend something is true or put on a front to hide the real facts
2) to pretend to distribute cards in a poker game, but not actually do so
3) to act like something is worth the money when it is actually more expensive
Ho: "Playa you ain't gettin' none of this shit tonight. Scrub."
Pimp: "Shut up bitch, everybody knows yo' skank ass been around this city more times than the subway. You about as easy as first grade math class. Don't fake the deal."

Teddy KGB: "Haha! I've got the boat! Pay up, bitch!"
Matt Damon: "Shit. Not again........wait a minute.........I don't even have any cards yet! You faked the deal!"

3) I thought that 2004 Hummer was a steal at $1000, but when they told me that the radio, steering wheel, seats, exhaust, frame, and engine were sold separately and cost a total of $70,000 I realized they had really faked the deal.
by Nick D December 11, 2003
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1) To front or pretend something is not true when it actually is.
2) To pretend to distribute cards in a poker game, but not actually do it.
Josh: "Dag playa Jenny's really being a frigid bitch to you today. I guess things didn't work out at that party last night."
Dave: "Whatever dogg. The real party last night was in her mouth, and everyone came. Then I got her in the ass last night in the back of a Volkswagen. Here watch this video."
(puts video in VCR and presses play)
1 hour later...
Josh: "Good video...that looks like a very uncomfortable place to bang a hoe. So why dat bitch gotta fake the deal?"
Dave: "I don't know man. Bitches."
Josh: "Bitches."

Adam: "Hell yeah bitch I got the royal flush! I guess I'll be taking this money now."
Mike: "Shut up bitch. I didn't even get my cards yet, and neither did you. Stop faking the deal."
by Nick D November 17, 2003
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