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A girl who talks to multiple guys at once but never hooks up with any of them. She wants to be a skank to get attention, but isn't actually one. She smiles and enjoys being called a skank by her friends and other boys. She also posts facebook status's implying she 'got some' that night when she didn't. These girls usually are very pretty but are awkward around boys in person. Mostly creates a fake sexual relationship through text, IM, or AIM if they're weird. The virtual relationship is usually created through the most popular form of skanking, sexting.
Molly: "Katerina hangs out with so many guys!!"
Hannah: "I know, but I was talking to reed the other day and he said she was such a prude!"
Molly: "wow, what a fake skank!"
by itsreallyannoying May 20, 2011

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