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The bitch that flirts with you and plays with your mind, but when it comes down to it, she never has time.
Turnipa acted like such a hoe, but when she wasn't giving up the goods, I realized she was a fake hoe.
by auth00r June 19, 2006
A common waist of time for men looking for an actual hoe. Girl 14-24 who is very flirty and playful and pretends to be interested in you (and everyone else). They are often attractive girls who are looking for extra attention. Fake hoes are much more irritating than an actual hoe because they rarely follow through after leading you on. They have a good excuse for their behavior of "just being friendly." They blend in at a collage party and church. The better they are at blending into these places the more fakeness of the hoe. a full blown fake hoe is someone involved in the church going on missions trips and such activities and is than seen planning a party, flirting hard, and or having sex within a week of the church activity.
bro 1 "wait wasn't Rachel just singing at church sunday?"
bro 2 "yeah and now she's after a new guys D, I told you she was a fake hoe bro."
bro 1 "damn what a cock tease."
by kid ak August 23, 2014
a girl who makes a pathetic lies to become popular. some people may even pity this girl when she doesnt need it.
Oh, that girl? She's a fake hoe.
by purplepanda87 July 21, 2016
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