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a wanna-be; somebody being something that they are not; just a fake ass person; unreal
Rick Ross, the rapper, is a fake fuck because he wouldnt admit that he was da police. Keep it 100.
by MRS.BBT256 May 06, 2009
just about everyone now a days. someone who does lame shizz that everyone else does just to be "cool." liiiike 90% of the world are fakefucks.
"Like omg cupcakes, rainbows, dinosaurs, rawrrr !! I'm so HxC, lemme go sit in a corner they're soo coool !!"
by livin' lifelesss December 26, 2007
To fantasize having sex with someone else while actually having sex with an inanimate object, such as a pillow or sleeping bag.
Man, I fake fucked her so hard earlier. Too bad I have to sleep in my own semen tonight.
by hasbeen1950s May 08, 2007
An act of having sex with your clothes on, such as underwear, to relieve sexual desires and needs. Can be practiced in any position such as missionary position or doggy style. Is used with the thrust-like motion and can either be performed fast or slow.

Also, can be paired with finger fucking or oral sex to arouse a little extra.
Kyle is waiting till we're married to have sex so we fake fuck and finger fuck all the time. We ever do oral now and again.
by TommyHilldigger July 10, 2008
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