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Is usually a young woman with a fake personality who likes to portray herself as sweet and wholesome to the greater public, while being a total bitch behind closed doors.
Fake bitch to the public: I'm going to stay a virgin until marriage and I will strive to stop world hunger.

Fake bitch behind closed doors: Screw it, I only care about myself.
by WhiteBitchHeather July 15, 2009
A tone or personality that is not the real you. Used to take care of business.
I had to turn the "fake bitch" on to get a second interview.
Why do we have to put on airs with the "fake bitch" just to make people happy?
by next1up September 29, 2005
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
A: "Sorry I was late for the meeting. I got held up by some heavy sniper fire."

B: "Whatever, you fake bitch."
by willjeff April 01, 2008