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Is usually a young woman with a fake personality who likes to portray herself as sweet and wholesome to the greater public, while being a total bitch behind closed doors.
Fake bitch to the public: I'm going to stay a virgin until marriage and I will strive to stop world hunger.

Fake bitch behind closed doors: Screw it, I only care about myself.
by WhiteBitchHeather July 15, 2009
A tone or personality that is not the real you. Used to take care of business.
I had to turn the "fake bitch" on to get a second interview.
Why do we have to put on airs with the "fake bitch" just to make people happy?
by next1up September 29, 2005
Able to talk to somebody as if they are close friends but talk bad about them behind their back.
She's a fake bitch because she was just talking about her and now she acting like they are best friends.
by Boston Sweetest May 02, 2015
A person who pretends to care about you/be your friend, gets you to trust them and then turns around and stabs you in the back, often using information that they've learnt about you (that you might've told them because you thought that the lying piece of shit was your friend) to come up with the best methods of torture/best insults, and ensuring that they hurt you as much as they possibly can.
Margeaux is a fat, ugly, fake bitch, who only cares about herself. No wonder everyone hates her.
by beepboopIwantcereal August 12, 2015
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
A: "Sorry I was late for the meeting. I got held up by some heavy sniper fire."

B: "Whatever, you fake bitch."
by willjeff April 01, 2008
Stupid girl(s) that snakes/ fucks you over.
"She fucked my ex boyfriend what a great best friend"
"Wow Emily is such a fake bitch"
by Bluntxoxoxo April 21, 2016
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