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A person who gets caught selling books pretending to be a Holocaust survivor.
Even Oprah didn't figure out Mr. Rosenblat was a fake Jew when he told her stories of him being tossed apples over the fence by his wife at the concentration camp.
by Mindraker1 December 31, 2008
1. Any caucasian past or present calling themselves Jewish or a Jew. This includes the current Caucasians living in the land of Israel as well as the caucasian "looking" Jewish people denying that they are caucasian who live in the land of Israel.

2. The belief that you are a real Jew because your mother (or father) follows a religion called Judaism or because you were born in Israel.

3. Anyone who follows or believes in the Cabala writings.

4. Anyone who denies Yeshua (Jesus) HaMashiach but claims to follow Torah.

5. Anyone claiming that they have "Jew DNA" (lol)
The people in the land of Israel claiming Judaism are fake jews of the synagogue of satan.

A: I'm caucasian and I'm a Jew!
B: No you are not!
A: Why?
B: Because according to the bible, the REAL Jews and Israelites do not remember and do not live in the land of Israel today because they were scattered all over the world through slavery.

A: That is not true!
B: If it's not then where are the other 10 tribes and why do the Jewish only claim the tribe of Judah and Levi? The prophecies say that HaMashiach would gather the 12 tribes together and THEN bring them into the land. You people came to Israel by yourselves in 1948, HaMashiach didn't return and bring you there.
by TruthTeller144 March 13, 2013
Someone who follows the jewish religion & takes shortcuts.
Stevo "Can i get Pork Fried Rice"

Dave "Can you eat pork?"

Stevo "No, but I'll just separate the pork and eat the rice"

Dave "Your such a fake jew"
by KameronDzilot February 26, 2009
A half jewish- half christian person who acts all christian because they are fake.

Gets presents for both Christmas and Hanukkah
dude 1: So excited for Christmas
fake jew: yo me too!
dude 1: aren't you jewish?
fake jew: ehh kinda. i get presents for both holidays.

dude 1: dude.......
jew: what?
dude 1: you're a fake jew man....thats just sad.
by Dimskyva November 07, 2011
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