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Faithless are a UK group of musicians whose music is described by one of their band as a cross between trip-hop and dance. While they are mostly famous for their notorious dance songs ("Insomnia" "God Is A DJ" and "We Come 1") the band try to produce albums which offer a blend of genres, attempting to make an album that sounds like a mixtape so while the title track opener to their debut album, "Reverence", is a dance-based trip-hop song, the second track, "Don't Leave", is a mellow acoustic number.
The three members of Faithless are Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. Jazz acts as a vocalist mostly rapping and elevates the euphoric, ambient music to a spiritual and socio-political level with many of his lyrics; Bliss, as arguably the most popular female DJ not to mention her talents in playing the piano, violin, saxaphone and bass, constructs most of the music while Rollo heads and produces the band's genre defying sound.


From Reverence:

"Salva Mea (Save Me)" - 1995 #30 UK
"Insomnia" - 1995 #27 UK
"Don't Leave" - 1996 #34 UK
"If Lovin' You Is Wrong"
"Insomnia" - 1996 re-release #3 UK
"Salva Mea" - 1996 re-release #9 UK
"Reverence" - 1997 #10 UK
"Don't Leave" - 1997 re-release #21 UK
"Insomnia" - 2005 re-entry #48 UK
From Sunday 8PM:

"God Is a DJ" - 1998 #6 UK
"Take The Long Way Home" - 1998 #15 UK
"Bring My Family Back" - 1999 #14 UK
"Why Go" - 1999
"God Is A DJ" - 2005 re-entry #66 UK
From Outrospective:

"We Come 1" - 2001 #3 UK
"Muhammad Ali" - 2001 #29 UK
"Tarantula" - 2001 #29 UK
"Crazy English Summer" - 2001
"One Step Too Far" (featuring Dido) - 2002 #6 UK
"We Come 1" - 2005 re-entry #73 UK
Non-album single:

"Dub Be Good To Me" (featuring Dido) - 2002 promo vinyl
From No Roots:

"Mass Destruction" - 2004 #7 UK
"I Want More" - 2004 #22 UK
"Miss You Less See You More" - 2004 #38 UK
"No Roots" (featuring Dido) - non official release (promo)
From Forever Faithless - The Greatest Hits:

"Why Go" (featuring Estelle - 2005 remix) - 2005 #49 UK
"Insomnia 2005" - 2005 #17 UK
"Fatty Boo" (2005/2006)
"Reasons (Saturday Night)" (2005/2006)
faithless imsomnia is a great track
by MarKram August 06, 2006
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