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Typically a charismatic individual who claims to be able to use the power of god to heal diseases and other afflictions.

Most 'evidence' for these people consists of vague testimonials for cases where there was either no proof that the person was ill before-hand, or diseases that can simply go in to remission.

Faith healers prey on the desperate and in some cases can actually cause deaths when people abandon conventional medicine because they have faith in the faith healer.
John: Wow, Peter Popoff is an amazing faith healer. I saw him heal some woman's cancer last night.
Steve: How do you know she had cancer in the first place or is actually cured?
John: Peter said she was cured.
Steve: Don't you think it odd that he never heals visible disorders like burns, scars or missing limbs? He only ever heals things that can't easily be seen. Why doesn't God want these people to be healed?
by Sean Kehoe October 26, 2006
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An awful thing to name someone.
I know you can't help it that your last name is Healer, but did you have to name her Faith, too?
by Downstrike November 14, 2004
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Person who restores one's faith in the opposite sex after a series of bad relationships.
Fran: So it was his idea for you to round off the romantic break in New York with an afternoon's shopping in Macy's? Jesus, that guy is a total faith healer!
Lil: Yup.
by CougarSW2 November 12, 2004
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