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Stranger, but obviously a dirty slutwhore bitchfag. Most likely a free zone violator.
Who the hell is that dirty slutwhore bitchfag?

Oh, its faith ruch.
by Sventon January 22, 2004

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this IS faith ruch and whoever made this is a compulsive liar and is misled because i am not a slut and i am DEFFINITLY not a lesbian and i'm actually very honest and you are going to hell and when i find out who this is my dad will sue your ass off
by Anonymous February 16, 2003
1.the biggest slut ever
2. see retard
3. worst insult you can give a girl
your like Faith Ruch!
by playa February 12, 2003
1.the worlds biggest whore
2. a lesbian
3. a compulsive liar
by Anonymous February 16, 2003
the most kick ass girl ever!
you are almost as cool as faith ruch!
by Anonymous June 03, 2003