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Way to describe a very camp/ effeminate man. Sometimes- although not always- a homosexual.
That bloke over there is such a Fairy Boy.
by Julez March 20, 2005
1. a lovely, friendly being who has little/no downfalls. this term is only seen negatively by those interlectually challanged people who believe that being nice is a bad quality or a weakness. aspects of this person's character may include a calm or passive nature, a general exceptance for most people, a deep and understanding mind, the ability to forgive and to be very very nice to most people. if you befriend such a person you should feel very grateful, and should also learn not to use such a name regularly for said person as some find it distressing. you may remain eternally guilty if you use such a label excessively and it results in upsetting a fairy boy.
2. A male who genuinely has the ability to fly/ join into fairy rituals/lifestyle.
"oh, you're such a fairy boy"

"oh hai lookz, he's so femimine, wot a fairy boi!"
"actually, the term fairy boy is very much a compliment about a lovely personality. you are wrong like a bumble bee in a lasange."
"ahhhh MUMMMYYYYY" *cries*

"oh you are a fairy boy!"
"ohhhhhh :("
"NO IT'S A GOOD THING I'M SORRY SORRY SORRY" *dies of sorryness*
by poo brain hehehhe July 27, 2010
A young blonde haired infantile child that prefferably carries a golden flute.
Josiah Felber is a gay little fairyboy.
by EmmaJJohnson March 31, 2010
To be called a fag, homosexual, queer, etc etc.
Hey fairy boy, get the fuck away from my girlfriend before I beat your fairy ass.
by killkount June 13, 2006
some one who has found a way to float in halo cause ther fn hackers like fuck off and get a life. like omg this is retarted you stupid jew!
OMG you stupid fairy boy stop hacking!
by assmuncher5000 September 27, 2010
one who partakes in the mystical act of the giant circle. Along with him there is also top hat eye patch man, the butt pirate, and master chief.
"Aaawww man!"
"In the circle last night with fairy boy..."
"he left me gimpy"
"you too?!?!"
"yeah once you go fairy boy you need a wheel chair to get back..."
by Banana Hamikk May 10, 2008
Any guy who annoys or pisses girls off.
Jane: Jake asked me out two weeks ago and said he would call; however, he hasn't called me back yet.
Anne: Wow, what a fairy boy.
by Katherine123567 May 14, 2006
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