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A fairy tale divorce is something that a man and woman both might hear about from their friends, and to each the term has a fundamentally different connotation. To a male, a fairy tale divorce implies an escape from a marriage with only minor fiscal, physical, and emotional losses. To a female, a fairy tale divorce means that ex-hubbie decided that a good divorce lawyer was a luxury he could not afford.
Charlie : So Rich are how did it work out with the lawyers?

Richard : She got the house, but I got the car and the camp.

Charlie : You know you got off pretty lucky on this one.

Richard : Yeah, I can't deny it fuckin' fairy tale divorce as far as I'm concerned.

Charlie : She let you off pretty easy for all that screwing around.

Richard : Yep, stupid and big tits that's what I married her for. Hopefully, she finds a nice rich dude who enjoys watching desparate housewives and listening to her talk about the joys of teaching 3rd grade.
by Darker August 10, 2010
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