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money, money and o yeah money.
Fairy dust makes the world go round. Its so pretty and good. MY DADDY WONT GIVE ME ANY MORE FAIRY DUST HES TOTALLY CUTTING ME OFF!!
by xrippedjeans_n_icyblondehairx September 10, 2006
37 52
When you blow a hot load in your hand, you let it dry, you crush it into fine powder, then sprinkle it all over your women.
I blessed Amanda last night with my magical fairy dust.
by underdogg July 01, 2006
27 44
1.Homosexual semen
2.What You Need To See To Find Tinkerbell
3.Magical White Stuff That Comes out of a Fairy's Wand
Dave:What Did You Do Today??
Tom:I Was Cleaning Out The Showers At The Motel And I Found A Jelly Fish Of Fairy Dust In The Drain
by Riley S November 23, 2007
22 42
A slang term for crystl meth
Baby have some fairy dust and think happy thoughts!
by Zero February 13, 2004
21 42
Item used by world famous gun importer Carlos, of Boca-Miami
Damn I'm wired, I think Carlos hit me with some of his Fairy Dust.
by The hand of Carlos September 13, 2006
3 29
A type of glitter that homosexual people throw for a quick escape when they are attack by straight people
That guy through fairy dust in my face. I am going to beat his face in
by Jesse Denning October 24, 2003
35 65