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A fucked up treat served to children in australia that consists of two white bread slices with butter/margarine and an un necessary copious amount of diabetes inducing sprinkles in the 100s to top it and cut into four slices. Avoid at all costs.
Ey Billy, finish ya dinner or you ain't get no fairy bread
by ToeZ November 18, 2015
An Australian practice usually endulged upon at "Aussie bbq's". It is described as The act of ejactlating on someone's pelvic area, then covering said ejaculatum with 100's & 1000's.
"Poita: that Sharon chick is a bit of orright!"
"Robbo: yeh, nah I heard grundy gave her some fairy bread behind the bouncy castle."
by Mr.s.james December 03, 2015
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