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fairfield county: fits a wide variety of people
1. poverty in the seven fo oh, white kids actin ghetto, tons of drugs = Lancaster
2. for HICKS in poverty, the smalltown version of Lancaster = Bloom Carrol
3. if you want to be looked down apon no matter who you are (even if your a billionaire). = Pickerington
4. You got money, you got smalltown, and you got dumb jocks... (smalltown version of Pickerington,) = Canal Winchester
Liberty Union, Berne Union, Fairfield Union...... no one cares, UNION
the worst place in ohio
person one: whats fairfield county, ohio like?
person two: well, do you like poverty or stuck up bitches?
person one: uhm....... neither...........
person two: hell, i'd rather go get shot in Cleveland.
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