half the school has more money then they know what to do with, the other half is broke. If you arn't in the in crowd...you might as well leave. Sweet ass parties every weekend when scott anderson is home :)
by sexychickfhs April 20, 2005
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Lets start a trashcan fire and burn this fireworks factory down.
by DrF January 09, 2004
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A school in Fairfax County with many geeks, spanish people, asians, black people wannabes, and gothic queers. Lots of horrible teachers too.
Wow that sucks that you go to FHS. Got any cocaine?
by x December 03, 2004
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huge fags who think they are hard. growing up in the middle of fairfax isnt exactly the ghetto, but fairfax is confused. a house of pot smoking pussies and loose cooters. watch out for the mullet lady.
by eatshitfairfax April 25, 2005
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a school bascilly made out of metal plates that shake. if you are a proffesional porno star, this is the school you want to graduate from. girls with weak emotions are warned not to come to this school. beware of a man named mr singhman and a lady with a mullet named sue. they will scare the living crap out of you, at least mullet-woman will. this school consists of only three types of people at this school(get used to them whether you like it or not): sluts, goths, gangstas(yes, gang"stas").

the end-- THE WASIAN.
person1: like holy hell, have yo been to fairfax high?
person2: whats fairfax high?
by nej February 04, 2005
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A hell hole were the teachers smoke weed and suck dick for cocaine just like the students. There are many asians and wanna be ghetto black and white punks. there are a lot of fags and goth people. The rules are punished by a guy named seman and a man and/or woman named sue. there are a lot of whores and cum dumpster sluts.
person 1: yo did u get that weed from Fairfax high school?
by who is this 12 August 26, 2009
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Fairfax High School is a sorry excuse for a high school. also known as white trash school... where a bunch of niggas fuck all the busted ass fairfax bitches because the only hot bitches there party with WT Woodson dudes because they dont want to be categorized with fairfax highschool... basically its a school where a bunch of blacks and asians call their 'ghetto' and where the bitches don't stand up when confronted
*after a 2005 Fairfax High School bball game vs wtw (wtw won)*
FHS bitch - you guys fucking suck
WTW beauty - you are fucking BUSTED
FHS bitch - say that to my face and step
WTW beauty - (to her face) "you're fucking DISGUSTING, BITCH"
FHS bitch - yea well you're like fat (and gets in her car)

by wtwbeauty October 12, 2005
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