Someone who you thought was a good friend but they only show up when the circumstances are in their favor.
At first I thought Matt was a good friend because he would always hang out. Turns out he was just a fair weather-friend. Boy it is mighty cloudy today.
by dnicker October 01, 2014
these are people who leave you and make you "alone" without "genuine care" and make you long for a true friend.
Miss X and Miss Y doesn't care if Miss R is alone. What a Fair weather friends! hmmph.
by VasTrins vennin August 26, 2008
A fair weather friend is one who lives in a milder climate than you. This person takes great pleasure in taunting you with how great it is where they are (warm and sunny) when you are suffering in your climate (cold and snowy or otherwise unpleasant).
Shane was taunted by his fair weather friends on Facebook as he sat looking helplessly from his office window, watching snow fall in the middle of April in Michigan.
by tweetlady April 19, 2011
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