a giant whale who appears at times of epic fail.
'Crap, I tried to jump the step but landed on my face instead'
'Jack, you just summoned the fail whale'
by Benjy-x June 28, 2009
A beached whale.
oh em gee, we must help that beached whale.
no let's lol at the fail whale
by XombieJer March 02, 2010
Beached whale or Immense Epic Fail
That beached whale sure is a failwhale.

Seriously.. what a failwhale!
by iSmack May 24, 2009
Epic failure, loaded with embarrassment, consistent with blogging mishaps in the tumblr community.
So-and-so already blogged that image, you n00b! Fail Whale!
by pacalin December 09, 2010
A person who fails very badly, Mark Gilbert Delorme
When Mark dropped the ball, he was called a fail whale
by Howimetyourmother.com August 12, 2009
An ignorant obese person who does not know his/her place in life. It often shows by being the loudest, most obnoxious person in the room, as an attempt to make up for his/her obesity.
Guy 1: "Look at Tim over there, thinking he's the center of the freakin' universe!"
Guy 2: "Well he does have his own gravitation point"
Guy 1: "lol - He just wont recognise his place in life. He's such a failwhale"
Guy 2: "Amen"
by Dingler Hangballs December 06, 2007

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