Someone or something who is both an epic failure and a complete fucking retard. This person or thing has no ammbition in life other than to piss people the hell off.
Chris: OMG that MisterJenkins is on the dam forums again.
Ian: Ahh man, that guy's a fucking failtard!
Chris: I'm gonna delete the motherfucker's posts.
Ian: Pwned!
by Azayles May 06, 2008
Top Definition
A person who repeatedly uses the internet-meme-turned-slang phrase "fail" to describe any number of barely applicable situations, in a weak attempt to boost their geek cred.
Waldo: "You did what? Fail!"
Ralph: "Quit being such a failtard, Waldo. Go back to 4chan where you belong."
by albedosMom669 September 26, 2008
A word derived from fail.

Simply put, it means that the person it was directed to is fail, and also a retard hence failtard.

It is usually used when someone says something that is utter fail and is also retarded.
Person One: OMFGBBQROX, did you see that?

Person Two: *sigh* Fucking failtard.
by Andiie January 12, 2010
Someone who fails at life, in general - but also does it in a rather amusing way.
Jen - Dr. Ian Malcolm is easily the hottest man in Jurassic Park, despite now being painfully old and wrinkly..especially down below.

Dan - You're a fucking failtard man.
by Crouchio March 04, 2010
Someone who fails at everything and can never succeed at one thing. Creating mindless threads insulting another human being. Having one person say a fragment with no idea of what a fragment is.
MisterJenkins is a failtard.
by The-Phenom14 May 06, 2008
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