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A word used by teenagers, or by your fellow teenage friends who cannot, for the life of them, use a word that actually makes them sound smarter then a second grader. Also a slang term for sucking. If you ever give someone a chance to say the word fail to you, kill yourself. Or redeem yourself by giving them a good shot to the nose.
You: DAMMIT! I just can't seem to get this guitar riff right!

Friend who plays Guitar Hero, and expects that since he can play the same song your trying to learn on expert, meaning he has no life, you should be able to too: FAIL!

You: *Kills Self* OR *Punches friend in the nose*

Other acts to ensure they never utter such horrible slang ever again also acceptable

*Only excusable use of this word is when an "emo" starts talking about MCR... or any form of emo music. Also acceptable when describing rap*
by Les Paul Man April 07, 2009
19 29
Another word used commonly by a brether. Inspired by the ubiquitous Mr. Giri.
Denotes complete and utter failure.
Being useless at something.
Giri: You people are capable of writing Supreme Court judgements, but when it comes to BU exams. Fail!
by Brether Abey July 10, 2008
1 11
1. to get a grade below the minimum passing grade in school.
2. To drain your bar completely in DDR and lose.
3. Means same thing as sucks.
I failed a math test. Oh crap I'll going to fail the song1 This really fails hard.
by 5'11"racer October 12, 2006
41 52
The opposite of succeed. To unsuccessfully attempt an undertaking.
I failed to become manager of McDonalds, so I settled on cleaining the mini-playground.
by Diggity Monkeez February 21, 2005
42 53
n. One who consistently does not achieve success.
n. An even that does not achieve success.
What? You lost. You're such a fail.
That game was an epic fail.
by kyle2 November 01, 2007
25 37
to fail completely at something to the point of where you should just die
aubrey fails at life
by sushi kan January 07, 2008
5 22
Getting laid in the back of an old chevy with a chick whos face resembles 6 day old chili and getting crabs from the back seat.
Brown bag ala crabs, fail.
by failness July 18, 2008
3 22