Silly way to spell and pronounce "Fuck You". Used primarily by adolescents, so they can insult their teachers without getting in real trouble. Also, a world famous racing team created by Jerry Bernardo in 1986.
After Mrs. Palmer humiliated him in front of the class, Jimmy wrote "FahQ" all over the back of his pop quiz.
by Aestatis August 19, 2006
Top Definition
From Dazed and Confused, on one of the ass-slapping paddles.
Substitute for fuck you.
While drving someone cuts you off, what do you do? "FAH Q!!!"
by bellagah March 30, 2008
Unique phonetic spelling of 'Fuck You'.
fah-Q u r not 1337 c0m3 2 my FPT i \/\/ill haX0r yuo
by Avolin February 22, 2003
a way to bypass screening for cuss words in a chat

by geminimomma December 19, 2008
we say it all the time when somebody pushes the right button
man fah q
by chris tarver April 09, 2003
Alternative spelling of "fuck".
I have two midterms and a paper due tomorrow. Fahq!
by iusedthisnamefirst! February 24, 2010
The FAHQ is a wooden shovle handle cut into a bat with duck tape wrapped around the end as a grip. The FAHQ is used to launch golf balls far into the atmosphere.
Nate-"Holy shit Greg you hit the FAHQ over 300 yards."

Greg-"Ya that FAHQ is something else."

by MOLDYMILK67 September 07, 2008
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