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Fagzsa' fa-jey
A homosexual woman or girl who exerts certain traits and mannerisms that coincide with a flamboyant homosexual male's personality and behaviors.
Similar to a contemporary 'Valley Girl' but gayer.

Women can't be 'faggy,' they're fagzsa' ...duh.

A girl that will spend 30 minutes or more trying to make a faux hawk look natural.

A girl that falls in love with a new woman every week.

It is so fagzsa' to expect your friends to use the new words and nicknames you make up in your head everyday.

A girl that often sings half of her sentences.

A girl that has her own fag hag's.

Common Quotes:
"That is so betch!"
"For Serious???"
"Why do black girls get all the best dance moves?"
"Glitter makes everything better!"
"If I had known I would be buying this hat today I wouldn't have cut my bangs like this!"
"There are two types of people in this world...Gay & Not Gay Yet."
"I win a toaster everytime I fuck a straight girl!"
"I'm a Gay of Sunshine!"
"I got 99 problems and...well, bitches are most of those them actually."
"I have such a lady boner right now.''
"I'm not conceited, I'm awesome...difference!"
by Mimilicious_84 January 07, 2012

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