Otherwise know as a fag hag

A straight woman that dresses up to go out with gay men and dance.
Tonight... let's go out and be fag whores.
by anonymous88 March 11, 2006
Top Definition
A gay man who is also a whore. Mainly used to insult another male who is not acting "manly". This can be insulting to either gay or straight men, or both.
Shut the fuck up, fagwhore!
You're such a fagwhore.
by Daniel September 18, 2003
A gay person who likes to whore around.
Dude! That Fag Whore is sleeping with your sister.
by JNA Jackie September 20, 2007
Like. A total and complete fag, who's also a really big whore. See: annoying. See also: tool.
Keri is one big fagwhore.
by LIKE OMG July 16, 2004

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