an insult to some one who's unliked and refered to as a honosexual
shut up you little faguette
by king of the insults April 02, 2009
Top Definition
a french faggot or gay person
I went to France over the summer and I was surrounded by faguettes who kept hitting on me.
by mjb7 March 01, 2009
A word you say to describe a homosexual or a personality of a homosexual.

1.A nicer word to say instead of fag/faggot/faggit.

2. A word to describe a French homosexual or the personality of a French homosexual.

3. A word to describe Justin Bieber and/or his music. Picture yourself a baguette with Justin Biebers face at the upper end. In that case you should also call Justin Biebers "beliebers" for "breadliebers".
Tim: Did you hear the new Justin Bieber single, it sucks really bad.
Tim#2: Yeah, he's such an faguette!
Random Belieber: U fagits sht da hel up! U wudnt si rel talnt if it wud b infront of u!
Tim & Tim#2: Just go away you breadlieber, you can't even realize that the nr.1 faguette is a bad rolemodel for every of his breadliebers.
by Jimdah February 09, 2014
An individual from France who is of homosexual orientation. Alternatively, a bad piece of bread.
Shaud is quite the faguette.
by Emil Wagenius March 10, 2015
A real gay baguette
"I just went to panara to get a baguette but it tasted kinda stale"

"Yeah man cuz its a faguette"
by weedealer March 02, 2015
the new gay breads they use at fast-food restaurants to make the food "gourmet"
the new sandwiches at arby's are made with faguettes. why can't they just leave well enough alone? and where are my jalepeno bites?!
by sandeebean96 March 24, 2008
Faguette, noun; A faguette is a baguette shaped dildo that homosexuals use during intercourse with each other.

Faguette, adjective; To call someone a faguette implies that they are so gay that calling them French just isn't good enough.

It may also mean someone who is also both French and gay
Faguette noun; "Last night I put garlic butter on my faguette when I inserted it into my boyfriends anus in order to heighten the French experience"

Faguette adjective; "Wow man you are wearing rainbow colours, you have pink underwear and you tried to grab my arse. And you're taking French class, you are such a faguette"
by Slyphhur October 20, 2010
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