- To have or desire sexual feelings towards the same sex in an expressive manor.

-To show your sexual orientation through clothing, vulgar hand gestures, and PDA with fellow same sex students.

(This word is commonly used among most male students at Southridge highschool, Oregon)
1: "Dude! Tony is looking fagtastic today. I gotta get me some of that ass."
2: Tina walked in through the front coradoor looking fagtastic.
She was wearing tight leather pants and a rainbow shirt.
3: During a Southridge football practice Antonio saw how fabulous the football team looked and yelled "You guys look so fagtastic today; which one of you wants to come home with me and eat my pants off!"
by Banks Highschool January 07, 2013
Top Definition
extremely gay
Mow is fagtastic
by Mow is Gay February 25, 2003
the faggiest of the fags
Girl 1: Ew Jacob is such a fag
Girl 2: No the word ur lookin for is fagtastic
Gay Guy: Oh yea
Jacob: MMM
by Xx_sMeXx-KiTtEn_xX March 27, 2010
so extraordinarily gay that it's unbelievable. fantastic, even.
Magnolia was one really fagtastic movie. yeesh.
by widgester!@!11!! October 14, 2002
Pretaining only to things or people that are so fantastically homosexual that they are considered to be one of the most homosexual things on this planet.
Wow, his performance was literally fagtastic.
That man is incredibly fagtastic.
by Simply February 09, 2005
a one-night chain of events that has you...

1) realizing you might be gay.
2) "receiving" some anal sex and absolutely loving it.
dang, what's up with you wearing all that abercrombie gear?

i met this guy at church camp last night. we went back to my place and he was FAGTASTIC!

by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008
When a fag gets all flamboyantly excited, flames out, and is totally fantastically queeny gay. FAGTASTIC!
Matt hit 777 on the slot machine and got all fagtastic.
by Matt in Madison June 11, 2006
A word which combines fag and fantastic.

1. Used in a sarcastic tone; the opposite of fantastic; something which is tiresome or exhausting; used to describe a terrible event or extreme annoyance.

2. Used to describe an individual for either positive or negative homosexual traits; can be used both to empower and in a derogatory sense.
1. "My computer keeps freezing, this is fagtastic."

2. "Look at the fagtastic glitter eye shadow on that man."
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