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nothing but fags that are COMPLETELY retarded douches that do nothing but flex and talk about alduterating women with their "Big Dicks" when in fact they all have the smallest dicks on earth and the women are all just ugly ass hoes and sluts
John: Hey Bill. Have you seen that show "Jersey Shore"?
Dave: yeah. that show is fag-tarded... all the chicks are hoes and the guys are all douches with small dicks
by Katasaurus December 16, 2009
5 1
a combination of the words faggot and retarded. used to describe a really dumb or stupid person who has no idea what is going on.
look at jessica, she's so fagtarded.
by princess June 17, 2006
33 19
One who is being a fag.
The trait of being a fag.
Alexander Bui is fagtarded due to the way he treats me.
Wow is that boy being fagtarded to the girl.
by Axel. May 26, 2009
8 3
To act gay or behave homosexually as typically seen in faggots.
Get away from me you fagtarded fagmo!
by kill fags January 26, 2006
7 16