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1. A mixture of the words FAG and SPECTACULAR, neither having anything to do with the other.
2. A basic oxymoron describing something incredibly stupid or gay.
3. See homorific, queertastic, or fagmuffin.
What a fagtacular child you must have been.
by disrespecting foo December 10, 2002
if a fag actually does somethin cool or funny it is considered fagtacular
Carl-whoa that fag just beat the fuck out of that hobo
Tibias-yeah that was fagtacular
by onebigcracka May 03, 2005
Fagtacular; adjective
Something, someone, or some situation (In no way related to sexuality) that could be described with the following words; seperate or combined:
Waste of time
Sucks balls
Total letdown

Fagtacular only refers to fags when used in context with fags, but admittedly was derived from and indicates rediculous faggy behavior.

Can also be used as an opposite of 'Spectacular'.
Bro 1: "Dude, we missed the Breaking Benjamin/Red/Three Days Grace/Godsmack tour.
Bro 2: "What!?! Thats so fagtacular!

Bro 1: "So, my AP English teacher is making us write a 20 page essay on human thought."
Bro 2: "Whaaa? In AP english? Why?"
Bro 1: "Exactly what I asked. He's so fagtacular.

Gets pwnd in Cod4
Bro 1: "These guys are so fagtacular."

Girl 1: "So, how was the game?"
Bro 1: "Fagtacular..."
Girl 1: "Hmm. Sorry!"

by White Baller April 25, 2009
see example
the person using the following definition is fagtacular: (fact) Whenever used, it immediately shows the lack of IQ of the user! Thus, all people using this word are idiots.
by Matt January 09, 2004

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