A word that is used by snowboarders and skiers, it means snowblades or skiboards
Look at that kid on Fagsticks bail, what a gay
by Rost May 03, 2007
a mediocre persian with homosexual tendencies
That butler creeps me out... he's such a fagstick (but not persian)
by lilsteiner February 18, 2009
A girl who is a fag and cheats on her boyfriend. She is often as skinny as a stick.
Chandler is a fagstick because she cheated on her boyfriend justin.
by ricky ricardo jr November 09, 2008
a dumbshit; an idiot; someone hated generally by everyone. refferring especially to homosexuals. or those who act like homosexuals. works for others too. also a good insult for younger people (eg. freshmen or 8th graders).
Jayson Vanmarter the fagstick
by more baconpower July 09, 2011
A person that has taken part or used in sexual activity.
Ronnie rush is a huge fagstick.
by jackfarra February 01, 2011

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