A clique of homosexual males whom tend to only associate with other cliques homosexual males.
He won't go out to that bar with you, there's too many straight folks in there, he's strictly a gay-scene fagster.
by jordan January 23, 2004
Top Definition
a hipster of the homosexual persuasion
1: "that boy with the tight pants and bandana around his neck his so cute."
2: "grrrl he's a fagster!"
by danny zuko September 26, 2008
A new species originating in Asia of straight "men" who attempt to look as gay as possible, complete with frosted tips, eyeliner, and scarves tied around their necks even in tropical weather. Combining the fashion sense of hipsters with the self absorbtion of doucebags, the fagster is often seen in the company of hot Asian women who are dying inside for a real man who spends less time in front of a mirror than they do.
Look at that hot chick over there looking bored to tears with her fagster boyfriend.
by BorisSDT August 07, 2011
A homosexual male whose style & personality present or create a positive image of gayness.
Tim Curran
by PatBB March 16, 2004
a hipster that looks gay, acts gay, thinks it's cool/trendy to be gay, and may or may not actually be gay.
I met a nice fagster and his boyfriend at the coffee shop today. They were both wearing size 2 girl jeans.
by No Love for Hipsters February 11, 2011
a homosexual with an appearance that demands respect.
"wow look at that fagster."
by shmusky April 03, 2005
A spiffy alternative to faggot
Man that prep guy is such a fagster
by girky gurl April 27, 2003
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