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By definition, a fagstamp is a derogatory term used to describe somone as having characteristics of both male and female; though it can be used synonymously with a multitude of flaming or offensive nounage, e.g. j00b,newfag,nooblet,/b/tard

Etimology: Origionaly coined by "port3024"
Traditional: Wtf is this fagstamp up to? should we hit on it?

Ambiguous: stfu fagstamp, go cry, lonely and in a corner.
by DietTangent September 12, 2008
when someone is being a fag....(not a homosexual)... they deserve a fag stamp to make it clear to everyone else they are a fag.

basically anytime someone says something really ignorant, stupid, or douchie; with the intent of looking cool, they deserve a fag stamp.

its a hypothetical stamp that would be given to the forehead. such as a stamp received for entering a bar. but in this case its for labeling fags. (not homosexuals)
person A: fist pumping and hair gel are my two favorite things!

person B: Come get your fag stamp.
by f8ta1ity December 14, 2009
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