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1. Another name for someone who is an asshole, douchebag, motherfucker, etc.

2. Someone who is just too cocky and flamboyant for their own good.
A: Hey, did you see Tom yesterday?
B: Yeah! What was with that pink polo with the collar popped? What a fag stain!
by WILLIEWONKAAA January 20, 2009
6 9
An insult shouted to display dismay or great frustration towards something that totally unexpectedly fucks you over.
When getting fucked in the ass by 8 consecutive blue cubes in Tetris, one would yell, "Fagstain!," and then quietly press F2 for a new game.
by Anthony Steffel April 06, 2005
7 5
A Fag who satins the good of society.
Stop being fat and annoying, your making us look bad you Fag Stain
by eepster October 24, 2010
1 4