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An insult shouted to display dismay or great frustration towards something that totally unexpectedly fucks you over.
When getting fucked in the ass by 8 consecutive blue cubes in Tetris, one would yell, "Fagstain!," and then quietly press F2 for a new game.
by Anthony Steffel April 06, 2005
A Fag who satins the good of society.
Stop being fat and annoying, your making us look bad you Fag Stain
by eepster October 24, 2010
1. Another name for someone who is an asshole, douchebag, motherfucker, etc.

2. Someone who is just too cocky and flamboyant for their own good.
A: Hey, did you see Tom yesterday?
B: Yeah! What was with that pink polo with the collar popped? What a fag stain!
by WILLIEWONKAAA January 20, 2009
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