Name for the bassoon in some other language. Probably where "faggot" came from (from "blowing" into a "hole", which is the stereotype)
Person 1: Emily can play the fagotto
Person 2: Who's gay?
by -- Aik -- May 14, 2009
Top Definition
A bassoon, in Italian, with variants in several other languages including German (Fagott) and Armenian (fakod in Western Armenian and fagot in Eastern Armenian). The name comes from the word "faggot", meaning a bundle of wooden sticks, which the instrument resembles. Has nothing to do with being gay.
Io suono il fagotto (I play the bassoon).
by pentozali March 07, 2012
(faj-o-toh) A "softer" version of the word fagot or something that is "gay" but not necessarily homosexual. Something or someone that is stupid or acting stupid.
"Nah, that fagotto is not coming, he decided to stay in tonight and watch TV"
by socalriightnow July 26, 2007
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