The act of engaging in homosexual behavior.
"Those two guys kissing each other are engaging in Fagotry." (or "Fagetrious behavior)
by Mr. Dillinger April 09, 2005
Top Definition
Of, or relating to being a homosexual. (as in 'faggot'). Used in a derogatory sense.
I'll not be associated with that hooligans fagotry.
by r4yz0r October 28, 2004
n 1: an irritating psychological state of discomfort brought on by life experiences or oftentimes specific individuals in life with the sole purpose of annoying, frustrating, or otherwise hindering us from our desired course of action. An absence of elation ant: elation
I failed to get my long desired promotion at work because Jon decided to talk shit about me to the boss, that is such fagotry and I would love for him to get run over by a bus.
by Ray7644 January 20, 2006
A style of message board posting where an individual prefers to lie to themselves that they are smarter than the person they are criticizing when they are not.
Boy that Butcher and Spazzmatazz on SFN really must enjoy the taste of their own cum to be engaged in such constant fagotry.
by Butcher's Wife February 22, 2010
total stupidity usually marked by deceit or double crossing.
After getting fooled for the third time, Stan decided that it wasn't worth dealing with such fagotry.
by Eric May 06, 2003
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