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when a gay guy has too much anal and their bum hole is killing like a bitch.
straight guy: omg i did the biggest shit last night and i felt like i was in fagony.
gay guy: i totally know what you mean!

lucy: me and jake got together last night and he did me up the ass and good lord, i've been in fagony all day.
gay guy: yeah, i get that too.
by ooh lala May 31, 2008
Fagony (n): When a a homosexual is in major agony or pain in terms of their sexuality, in regards to its connotations and/ or expectations.
"Michael was in fagony over the fact that he needed to make a decision on which boy to take to the prom."
by Michael R Ryan Jr August 03, 2008
A heavy smoker's cough.
I've been smoking too much, lately; Now, fagony won't let me take a breath...
by waytoomanyfiles December 01, 2005