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The natural phenomenon that causes the inseparable attraction of faggots. It is characterized by fields of faggotry force. It is the force exerted by a fagnetic field, an alluring force of gayness, which converts normal human beings into faggots.
Why did you invite those faggots Nick and Donovan? When they are together, their fagnetism is increased ten fold. If we don’t leave now we will be drawn into their fagnetic field by the faggotry force, and in turn become faggots.
by Igor Medavoy May 23, 2006
Fagnetism is defined as a force, similar to gravity, created by a dense homologation of homosexuals which in turn acts to attract other homosexuals to the central mass thus feeding itself and multiplying its power exponentially
The fagnetism is bringing people into this group at an astonishing rate. It's like they sense our aura of homosexuality and hone in on it.
by ripkif318 July 23, 2016
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