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a faggot who munches cock
Go watch will and grace you fagmunch
by Robin January 03, 2005
However redundant, fagmunch is one who munches on fag, therefore making that person a fag. There is no use to this word other than it is funny as hell.
Go watch Dawson's Creek, fagmunch!
by Roper May 10, 2003
a person that is extremely gay beyond the point of fag, way past the point
r0xx j00 is such a fagmunch
by warx0rz 1337 May 28, 2003
A term for a rude person who tends to provoke argument


Someone that likes to munch on homosexuals
1.Hey, quit pooping on the party man, you are being a fag munch.

2. Person 1: Aww dude, I ate so much at the gay bar yesterday!

Person 2: ................................ Fag munch
by Not Dawson April 26, 2011