a faggot who munches cock
Go watch will and grace you fagmunch
by Robin January 03, 2005
Top Definition
However redundant, fagmunch is one who munches on fag, therefore making that person a fag. There is no use to this word other than it is funny as hell.
Go watch Dawson's Creek, fagmunch!
by Roper May 10, 2003
a person that is extremely gay beyond the point of fag, way past the point
r0xx j00 is such a fagmunch
by warx0rz 1337 May 28, 2003
A term for a rude person who tends to provoke argument


Someone that likes to munch on homosexuals
1.Hey, quit pooping on the party man, you are being a fag munch.

2. Person 1: Aww dude, I ate so much at the gay bar yesterday!

Person 2: ................................ Fag munch
by Not Dawson April 26, 2011
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