A boy who is questionably homosexual and who is also pussy. Fag + Vagina = Fagina
Ryan Pope is such a fagina.
by SproutALeaf March 31, 2009
Top Definition
Fat Vagina. In other words - a large woman's genitals.
Dude, there ain't no hotties over here. There's nothing but fagina!
by Matt September 09, 2004
A pristine, well looked after, neat and tidy pussy that tastes better than suger
This girl i fucked on the weekend had the best looking fagina ive ever seen.
by Geks September 10, 2011
A gay man's asshole. Pronounced (fag-gina)
Bruce likes to take it in the fagina.
by PE12345 November 26, 2007
A slang term for a wet snatch
Daniel Packham enjoys the smell of an old fagina
by Daniel Lewis( Squeegee) September 10, 2007
The pubic region of an overweight female where the fat in that area takes on the appearance in clothes of a huge vagina.
" did you see the size of her privates in those shorts?",
"i know, I could'nt stop myself from looking at that huge fagina."
by viccarry December 13, 2013
One's homosexual arse hole. Not to be confused with Vagina, as it is only used for the homosexual type.
When a man bends over for the soap in prison showers. One would say "OOO he has a nice Fagina"
by JJMac91 March 19, 2009

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