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Hip Hop sang by a sensitive boy, usually with a faggy undertone. Also with a pretty gay beat.
This Hip Hop is often used in dance movies.
It's often accompagnied by classical music in the background and alot of extra backing vocals, that makes it even more faggy.
(It has absolutely nothing to do with being homosexual, except the singer might be)
Anouk: Here Bram, I got a good song from a dance movie I saw last night.

Bram: Oh no, I hope it's not "When I Get You Alone" from "Thicke" like you sent me last time. That was total faghop.
by Bram Vanwijnsberghe July 05, 2007

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Hip Hop music composed and marketed as to make it irrisitable to faggots. Examples: Rhianna's Umbrella or Missy Elliot's Pas That Dutch
As soon as that faghop hits, I have to get my beautiful ass to the floor and shake. Werq Queen.
by Brian W. Crano June 05, 2007