Used to describe a broke down, busted, haggard ass hoe, m/f.

See Also:

Bitchy Bitch
Get that faggy ass bitch away from me 'fo' i gat yo steez

Omg, that girl is so faggy in that to' up jumpsuite
by deniseitsmenise August 11, 2009
A term used to discribe a person who is such a fag that its cool.
Hey! Faggy! Come here.
by Nickyyy123 November 13, 2009
Exactly the same as gay in all senses.
Look at that faggy dance move.
by redboy June 14, 2006
A word for someone particularly not liked, stupid, or gay.
"Oh my goodness! Here comes faggy!"
by Saruhhem122 April 16, 2008
the same like fag or faggot!
by dawg from da hood September 06, 2003

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