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Used to describe anything that is stupid or weak. Usually used to describe a particular kind of bullshit.
What is this faggotty bullshit? No Guy puts flowers in his room.
by insanitos March 06, 2004
Really fucking gay like
Donavan is a faggotty ass father fucker
by gggffk f dfh October 09, 2014
Ridiculous slang used as a pejorative alternative to "gay".

Also used by 16 years-old valley girls who just discovered about furries.

"OH MAH GAWD! This is REAL FAGGOTTY! People think they're animals!" - Sarah , 16 years-old valley girl
by Mapdark March 27, 2007
a gay young boy who is effeminate
Look at that faggotty! He's walking like a lady..

Dave is such a faggotty... i don't like to be with him.. you know
by Natan November 10, 2004
An adjective to describe anything by Soft Cell
Fuck me, that sounds faggotty, I prefer the David Gray Version
by keefdave June 10, 2003