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A noun used to call something faggy. Used when wanting to sound like you're speaking Olde English and slang at the same time. Often followed by the use of shut up.
Example 1:

Person 1: Homework on Christmas? What is this faggotry?

Person 2: Shut up...

Example 2:

Person 1: Yo man they closed down the mall...


Person 3: Shut up...
by Dead Woman Walking October 28, 2008
100 51
(noun) Any action that is generally considered annoying, disrespectful, rude, or just stupid. This may be used as a substitute for saying that something is "gay" in order to generate a negative attitude toward it.
That car just totally cut you off, man! What kind of faggotry is that?

These practical jokes just turned into a bunch of faggotry...
by Your Mother's Mother May 09, 2008
5 36
The act of being gay.
What form of faggotry is this, emo boy?
by milkshakes January 29, 2008
6 37
A lifestyle lived by purely distusting homosexuals tht need to be set a blaize
I will not partake in such faggotry...you sickos should be ashamed of yourselves
by williams fancypants August 29, 2009
4 36
When things are at the highest level of gayness. Level of homosexual situations.
my boss said I have to work two shifts back to back with joe, I cant handle this faggotry much longer. I'm quiting
by chance elliott February 23, 2008
5 37
To engage in homosexuality.
"Man, there was some serious faggotry among the guys going on at that rave party the other night."

by Stiletto Girl March 20, 2007
6 38
To participate in extreme acts of homosexuality, especially getting your brown pushed by another man.

The act of delving your face in another mans bum, or any other faggy activity.

The female art of muff diving on another woman, eating her arse with a spoon, or any number of other lesbionic actions.
That fag is really commiting some serious acts of faggotry here gentlemen, lets kill him.
by 'da webb April 24, 2006
17 49
1. n. A special brand of deception found amongst gay men, especially between frenemies, where one party is usually attempting to confuse, coerce, or otherwise manipulate another.

2. n. good-natured, good-humored flirting used to achieve a more positive outcome (can be used on both straight men and women).

*faggotry is essentially the "gay force." it can be used for good or for evil*
1. "But Tim said he saw Mark and Stephen making out last night!"
"Please, don't believe anything that bitch says. It's all lies and faggotry."

2. "Go use your faggotry on that clerk; maybe we can get a discount!"
by cx99 November 29, 2008
1 35