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A closeted homosexual who covers up his homosexuality by acting the part of an evagelical christian homophobe who prostelytizes against gays from the pulpit while secretly having a homosexual relationship with a gay male prostitute and smoking meth.
The Colorado Springs preacher turned out to be a faggard and caused much pain to his family because of his deceptions.
by PedalPusher November 15, 2006
people who think they are better than everyone else but are actually stupid and gay.
Those people are such faggards. Funny thing is, they have no idea how gay and stupid they are.
by Air Jordan 23 August 08, 2008
A combination of the words "Fucking" and "Haggard"
Man looks so faggard right now.
by DarkPatriot April 26, 2012
When something is a farce and haggard at the same time.
Man, that party was fuckin' faggard.
by fahqxbuddy December 09, 2009
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