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Taken from the word "faggot."

A female homosexual/lesbian.
You're a fucking fagette.
by McCrackrock September 06, 2007
A song by Athens Boys Choir, a spoken word/rap artist.
Have you seen the Fagette video? It's great!
by EllesBells November 26, 2008
A lesbian or a woman that desplays either a masculine or feminine attidudes, mannerisms, and dress depending on their whim at the moment
At the Lesbian Club, Cheri was such a fagette that she was recieving looks of interest from both the Butch and Femme crowd.
by Memsaab August 21, 2005
A "fagette" is a gay man's female friend who, instead of lusting after him as a Fag Hag would, encourages him and is usually just as slutty and wild as he is. a fag hag goes with you to the club and when you want to go home with a hot trick, she says, "how could you just abandon me?" A fagette says,"Work your shit, baby". A fag hag says," do you like my purse? I got it at TJ Max on sale." A fagette says, "It was a gift from the designer." A fag hag says, "Why are you making out with that guy? Why aren't you paying attention to me?" A fagette says, "Baby, hold my purse while I go fuck that security guard."
Jonny brought his "fagette" entourage with him to the bar tonight. He's looking to score.
by Fairy-Fagette December 28, 2010
Some one really stupid. nerd freak
The female version of fag.
Omg! You're such a fag-ette!

Lucky, don't be such a fag-ette!
by Aqualina October 06, 2006
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