a term used to describe a "fake bagel". Or a bagel not in the proper shape or form.
Fake + Bagel = Fagel
::looking at the new Thomas's Square bagels::
"Yo man are you hungry? You want a fagel?"
by Jinu February 27, 2006
Top Definition
A word made popular by the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Describes a flaming homosexual.
"Dude, I think Kumar's a fagel"
"Yeah, they're totally gay for each other."
by fagelhater June 11, 2005
A male homosexual. Used mainly in deterring from the use of the word fag. Used as an insult.
Man, that dude over there's a fagel.
by Aslate July 27, 2009
Someone with an incredibly big butt.

May be easily confused with a homosexual due to tight pants, perfect hair and suave dance moves.

Thinks he is a ninja
Enjoys sticking his cock in Ibizan women
Damn that big butt dude must be a fagel, his ninja moves are legit!
by Flamingo3205 December 02, 2014
or a person that makes himself black for entertainment; the act of being a nob head; the person in the team that criticizes his teammates and ball hugs!
Hey Fagel


Pass the fucking ball Fagel
by EpicBoy69 March 09, 2015
A fag from The Bagelboy Club of Angeles City Philippines,
That Crumple he's such a fagel.
by Norman G May 07, 2011
its a mixture of a fag & a bagel..that way im insulting you but yet its not that bad of an insult because bagels are delicious..so its not that mean
Caitlin, Your such a fagel.
by Soy yo.... October 24, 2010
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